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NV GOP - Courting Conserverative Latino Voters
NV GOP - Courting Conserverative Latino Voters

AIR DATE: February 3, 2012

Conservative Latino voters in Nevada have said 2012 will provide a good opportunity to recruit new Hispanic Republicans. But voter registration numbers show Democrats hold a big advantage in Clark County. Now, as the Nevada Republican Party prepares for the presidential caucus will conservative Latinos be a key part of the GOP strategy? We talk with a group of Latino conservatives from Nevada about how Latinos will play a role in the election.

Tibi Ellis, Natl Sec, Latino National Republican Coalition
Rene Cantu, Exec Dir, Latin Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation
Alex Garza, Regional Diverse Segments Mgr, Wells Fargo
Peter Guzman, real estate exec


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    Why all the hyperbole? When asked why Democrats do so much better with Latinos one of your guests said they were better at getting to them young and brainwashing them. Why is such a comment even necessary and why would you have such a guest on the show and not challenge them on such hyperbolic rhetoric. To me THAT is exactly why the Republican party can't attract anyone but the most extreme right.
    ToddFeb 2, 2012 09:51:50 AM
    First of all, I am not a Hispanic. Second, I would agree that Obama has negatives. The 30% increase in deportations is a negative. However, "self deportation" is not the answer. If they think that the Republican party is answer to their prayers, they are all damn fools. The Republicans have done all they could to prevent immigration reform to be prevented. Their agenda from the first year has been to prevent Obama to be successful. By their own admission, the Republicans have not helped them in their quest to be included in the party. Final comment, Sherwood is right wing nut who does not even understand where these Hispanics stand. The idiot does not realize that they perceive that they feel that they are not being included and perception is REALITY!!! He does not get it!!
    Will SchroederFeb 2, 2012 09:41:04 AM
    Your female guest stated that out Country is the same as any Company. The President is the CEO and it up to him to present a direction for the Country and that is his VP,s and others are to work together and make things happen. Well this is how the Republicans have always seen it. This statement is so wrong. A CEO cam and will fire an employee is that states, I will do anything and everything to make this CEO lost this next election. Can our President FIRE Senator Mitch? NO. But, your guest thinks he can. The president of the United States can only do a very little when it comes to our Economy. In addition, todays economy belongs to the Republicans Why is it, every step Obama took, there was a republican yelling, Obamas plan will end our Country as we know it. How can any Republican sleep at night!!! LAL, Tim White
    Tim WhiteFeb 2, 2012 09:35:31 AM
    I dont care what background you are. Anyone who would vote republican in the upcoming election is nuts.
    Elizabeth cookFeb 2, 2012 09:27:34 AM
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