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The Conundrum
The Conundrum

AIR DATE: February 7, 2012

Conservation and efficiency seem to go right along with living green and clean energy as ways to a better planet and certainly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It ain't necessarily so, says New Yorker staff writer David Owen. In fact, all those good things may make things worse. If he's right, will Nevada have a future as the "Saudi Arabia of solar energy." Do electric cars have a useful future at all?
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    I'll definitely agree that some green measures are dumb. Some low volume paper recycling efforts are dumb - more resources are wasted in the recovery effort than the paper is worth. Just because some people utilize good (aka green things) stupidly does not mean the good things are bad. Vitamin abuse for instance. Full cycle costs and implications must be included - disposal of old electric car batteries for example. Me, I think algal-sourced biofuels should be the intermediate step away from fossil fuels.
    aunty palinFeb 7, 2012 09:13:46 AM
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