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Special Caucus Coverage
Special Caucus Coverage

AIR DATE: December 27, 2012

The Republican caucus is today and Nevadans across the state are gathering at schools and community centers to pick between the four remaining GOP candidates. What was your experience at the caucus? Who did you vote for? We talk with local caucus goers and take your phone calls and emails about what you witnessed at the GOP caucuses.


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    I love the caucus format, because it makes casting your vote a true event where you can meet and discuss real issues with your neighbors! Primaries have always had limited turn out, with mostly the true believers and firmly decided voters showing up. Though the caucus format does limit participation, we saw (Democratic caucus) people come to actually learn about the candidate and talk through their decision. It was a very exciting process.
    SaraFeb 4, 2012 16:18:37 PM
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