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Post-Caucus Coverage
Post-Caucus Coverage

AIR DATE: February 8, 2012

The Republican caucus was Saturday and Nevadans across the state gathered schools and community centers to pick between the four remaining GOP candidates. What was your experience at the caucus? Who did you vote for? We talk with local caucus goers and take your phone calls and emails about what you witnessed at the GOP caucuses.

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    Continue to be walked on America.
    Ryan StuckFeb 7, 2012 07:46:19 AM
    Shout out to the all the Republicans asking big government to come in and save them with a state-run primary.
    LauraFeb 6, 2012 11:51:55 AM
    The caucus was a joke; there is no question that we should move to a primary. Anybody want to join me in a petition drive? The caucuse process supresses voter turnout and should be regarded as being illegal under the Constitution.
    J.C.Feb 6, 2012 09:43:35 AM
    It's time to get rid of the caucus and move to a primary so everyone who wants to participate can without having to provide a statement that they couldn't participate earlier due to their religion. It's no one's business what my religion is - if I want to vote, I should be able to!
    Caren BedsworthFeb 6, 2012 09:16:39 AM
    The consensus at our caucus in Tonopah was that we need to go back to a primary. The turnout was low. Most people in town didn't understand what a caucus was as it wasn't explained well in the media. We couldn't even fill our slate of delegates to the county convention. The results of the voting were Gingrich 8, Romney 16, Paul 19 and none for Santorum.
    TrishFeb 4, 2012 11:46:08 AM
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