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Beyond Brokeback
Beyond Brokeback

AIR DATE: February 13, 2012

The two cowboys of "Brokeback Mountain" catapulted gay Americans into the cultural mainstream in a way that other gay characters had not. It became a cultural phenomenon. Now Gregory Hinton has created a series of reflections by gay people themselves about the experience and the hurt. The staged reading with music will be performed on Saturday at the Clark County Library on East Flamingo Road and we talk with the creator ahead of the performance.
Gregory Hinton, creator, "Beyond Brokeback"
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    not just gay people, not by a long shot. and not even just gay may. men and women, gay and straight, old and young, all, strangely moved by either the film or the novella, had to find somewhere to talk, to obsess about every little detail and the meanings therein since, for the most part, their friends and loved one were left unmoved, or over it by the time they got back home from the theater. it should be clear by the massive numbers that this film affected far more people than the tiny numbers a "gay movie" can generate.
    jackFeb 10, 2012 17:52:07 PM
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