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Tax questions with the IRS
Tax questions with the IRS

AIR DATE: February 17, 2012

It's tax filing season and as thousands of Nevadans continue to battle home foreclosure and unemployment, filing your taxes can raise a lot of questions. Meantime, this year filers can use an updated IRS smartphone app to check on their return and get help on any questions they may have about filing. Officials from the IRS will join us to take your questions about filing your 2011 tax return.
Raphael Tulino, spokesperson for Nevada and Southern California, IRS
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    Can someone explain the NV sales tax deduction? I understand you can deduct sales tax paid on certain items. Been all over the net and can't find any certain answers.
    theresa priceFeb 15, 2012 21:03:55 PM
    Was wondering if someone can answer a question about possibly having to pay back the first time home buyers tax credit. I'm in the military and bought my first home in Feb 10'. I now have orders to move this July but that will be before residing in my home for 3 yrs which I understood as being a penalty of having to pay those $8,000 back. Can someone let me know if there's anything out there that will help military families out? Thank you- Ezequiel
    EzequielFeb 15, 2012 20:53:41 PM
    Hi Ezequiel, I've just retired from the service and am in the same boat. As I understand it, you can pay back an incremental amount and split it up over the course of several years. Are you using tax prep software? If so, you can type in 'first time home buyers tax credit' and be linked to the answers you seek. Alternatively you can do the same on the IRS site. Good luck!
    theresa priceFeb 15, 2012 21:02:31 PM
    listening to the show. i was surprised how perplexing and unhelpful the i.r.s. representative was. he kept referring callers to the i.r.s. toll free number. next time put a tax attorney on...dare i write , the lawyer would probably be more informative and less vague...
    tomFeb 15, 2012 15:47:15 PM
    People feer the IRS because the way they treated me with stocks. I didnt use the exact form so they just added all the sells and ignored the buys and sent me a bill assuming I was guilty and owed a huge amount of money. Guilty and incurring interest on a bill until I could get it straightned out. My mom in her 80's had the same problem when she tried stocks. In stead of assuming the worst and alarming a senior citizen with a huge bill why couldnt they just inform us that something was not done and needed to be fixed.
    ArlinFeb 15, 2012 10:05:02 AM
    What is the best way for a Las Vegan to find and establish a relationship with a tax professional/accountant if you don't have a trusted referral? Trade Associations? BBB? Not a Liberty Tax or the like, someone to assist with a growing family and more complicated tax situations. Any advice? Thank you, -Brian
    BrianFeb 15, 2012 09:56:13 AM
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