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Where Did the Jobs Go and How Do We Get Them Back
Where Did the Jobs Go and How Do We Get Them Back

AIR DATE: February 23, 2012

We've lost a lot of jobs here in Nevada.  So how do we spur job growth in our state?  How do we keep people from moving out-of-state?  And what sectors should people be focusing on in their job search?  We talk with the co-author of Where Did the Jobs Go, and How Do We Get Them Back and a local job expert.  What are your experiences?  Call or write!
Jean Johnson, Sr Fellow, Public Agenda; author, Where Did the Jobs Go and How Do We Get Them Back?
Ben Daseler, Office Mgr for Business Svcs, Southern NV, NV Job Connect
Bill Anderson, Chief Economist, NV DETR

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Jean, Bill, Ben: Same ole' talk - without solutions.
AdamFeb 23, 2012 12:16:01 PM
I moved here 2 years ago, since then married and bought a house. I am lucky to have a good position in the entertainment industry. The main problem we have seen out here is the lack of interest/investment of people wanting to stay here, making Las Vegas a transient community. I can see this being a major contributing factor why businesses would be discourage to start here. If a community isn't invested in its own progess as a whole, it will be hard to improve on anything. The big problem is then a chicken or the egg type question. Do people make the community or do businesses? I think the big question is how do you attract the people and businesses that will want come and stay. Las Vegas did a great job getting Zappos here and they seem to be making great progess. I would like to know what the Casinos are doing/have done to better Las Vegas? And what is the local government doing to get more "Zappos" out here?
BenFeb 21, 2012 11:41:46 AM
If the business community does not want to help increase funding for higher education, then the business community should really not complain about not being able to find skilled workers.
Sondra CosgroveFeb 21, 2012 10:12:09 AM
Interesting discussion this morning. I fear it will take a horrible tragedy - a major bridge or tunnel collapse at rush hour, or the like - and then we'll suddenly find the money to do the needed maintenance. I'm also wondering if any major projects are on the drawing board which would lead to diversification of Nevada's economy, or is it all just talk (as in "we really need to do something about diversifying")? Thanks
Stephanie CookFeb 21, 2012 09:41:26 AM
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