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Senate Candidate Barry Ellsworth
Senate Candidate Barry Ellsworth

AIR DATE: February 29, 2012

Senator Harry Reid was determined to avoid a primary for the US Senate nomination. Former candidate Byron Georgiou was pushed out of the race but that has not deterred Democrat Barry Ellsworth who is running on an anti-incumbent platform. He argues that Congress is financed by corporate America and that has led to major policy failures.
Barry Ellsworth, Democratic candidate for US Senate
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    I just finished George McGovern's book, What it Means to be a Democrat. Barry has taken many of the issues that Senator McGovern pointed to, as needing to be brought back as the main Democratic message to our citizens. Fellow Democrats, it is indeed time to step-up and support this exemplary candidate. Let's send a Democrat to Washington who will truly be dedicated to working on behalf of all of us, and who we will be proud to have, as our Senator.
    J. Tyler BallanceFeb 27, 2012 21:25:26 PM
    So the question becomes HOW. Campaign donations will help. Get the word out to your friends and colleagues. Post the message to your Facebook page. Volunteer for the campaign. Do whatever you can to contribute.
    Theresa PriceFeb 28, 2012 17:58:58 PM
    Positively refreshing, altho I fear too idealistic. I enjoy Ellsworth's thoughts on campaign finance reform, the national defense act, civil rights under the Constitution, renewable energy, the corruption of Congress, the ability to fire the do-nothing representatives, repeal bush tax cuts and cut out loop holes that allow companies to make Billions in profits but pay zero in taxes, even collecting millions in refunds, while the rest of us pay 20-30%. I enjoy Ellsworth's thoughts on building infrastructure to get off foreign oil, offering affordable choices for health care, etc. I really appreciate Ellsworth's ideas on how to fight for the middle class; thinking outside the box of fear. I like this guy for Senate just as much as I do Buddy Roemer for POTUS. Barry is well-versed, highly-engaged and committed to the middle class the military and the veterans. He is committed to the 99%.
    Theresa Price (Major, USAF retired)Feb 27, 2012 20:57:59 PM
    Its good to hear a candidate challenge the incumbents. Im sure Im not the only one who thinks we need a change of representation in Washington. It should not be "business as usual" especially with the current unemployment and foreclosure rates in NV. We need to make a statement at the polls this year!
    JorgeFeb 27, 2012 09:18:27 AM
    I agree with Mr Ellsworth . The working class of this country is NOT repersented and we do feel powerless. We Do need a public option for healthcare We do need to stop corporations from having the same rights as a person.
    Maria Elena HuffFeb 27, 2012 09:16:04 AM
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