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Scam Artists Target Illegal Immigrants
Scam Artists Target Illegal Immigrants

AIR DATE: March 5, 2012

Undocumented workers and immigrants all across the country are easy targets for scam artists.  In Las Vegas, there are people who falsely claim they can help undocumented immigrants get work visas or citizenship.  In many cases, the immigrant loses money and even risks deportation.  How do we guard against scam artists?  Should we create laws that protect those who are not citizens?
Lucy Flores, Assemblywoman District 28

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Wow!! Someone on KNPR questioning the actions of a government agency!! So Luis Hernandez questions whether ICE is the appropriate agency to operate a hot line for victims of immigration fraud. I hope your job is not at risk for being such a ground breaker, Luis. The statement by the ICE representative illustrates how arrogant government employees are and how stupid they think we commoners are. His effort to convince everyone that the ICE hot line is separate from ICE was comical. Maybe the scariest aspect of this exchange was Assemblywoman Lucy Flores' spineless acceptance of ICE propaganda. She actually presents herself as someone who wants to "help" victims of immigration fraud! Does she represent the constituents who elected her or does she represent government and its overreach?
ed UehlingMar 2, 2012 10:15:12 AM
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