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Honey: The Sweet Secret to Evolution
Honey: The Sweet Secret to Evolution

AIR DATE: March 8, 2012

The Hazda people really, really love honey.  The hunter-gatherer tribe from Tanzania loves it so much, that the men will risk death for it - climbing 30-foot high trees, smoking bees out of their hives, then pulling out chunks of honeycomb with their bare hands.  UNLV anthropologist Alyssa Crittenden worked with them for eight years - and found surprising news about how important honey is to our own diet, and how it even shaped our evolution as human beings.
Alyssa Crittenden, visiting assistant professor, Dept of Anthropology, UNLV


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    Ok "Pesky Anthropologist", keep up the good work. Do the impossible. This is just the beginning.
    Quel InvidiaMar 6, 2012 16:24:09 PM
    I really enjoyed the interview with Alyssa Crittenden and the video. Fascinating and enlightening. I'm putting that jar of honey on my dining room table!
    Pat BenyshekMar 5, 2012 20:15:52 PM
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