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Kris Saknussemm: An Expatriate Rediscovers America
Kris Saknussemm: An Expatriate Rediscovers America

AIR DATE: March 7, 2012

Kris Saknussemm fled America in his 20s, thanks to a "youth of crime and drugs," and a rift with his parents.  He spent the next 20-plus years in Australia and the Pacific Islands.  But he couldn't escape thoughts of America.  He says he wrote about it even more while 12,000 miles away.  Kris talks about his latest book on the anti-hero, Reverend America, about finding peace with the homeland, and what it took for him to finally make amends with his own family. 
Kris Saknussemm reads March 13 at 7 p.m. at UNLV's Greenspun Hall Auditorium as part of UNLV's Black Mountain Institute.
Kris Saknussemm, author, Reverend America and Zanesville and BMI Gallagher Fellow
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    what a vapid narcissist guest...please tell me my tax dollars are not wasted on this drivel...funny every time i hear an anthropologist talk about race...i want to remind them that the roots of anthropology were based on racial differences among humans...anthropologist's idol, boaz, used to chop the heads off of deceased native americans to measure their skull differences...what a farce
    inwholiseMar 6, 2012 20:44:41 PM
    The guest is not an anthropologist, but rather a fiction writer.
    Phil AbramsMar 7, 2012 14:18:49 PM
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