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Governor Sandoval Hosting Event to Connect Banks and Struggling Homeowners
Governor Sandoval Hosting Event to Connect Banks and Struggling Homeowners

AIR DATE: March 8, 2012

This weekend homeowners can meet face-to-face with representatives from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi, and others to get help with their mortgages. Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Department of Business industry host the "Home Means Nevada" help for homeowners event at the Cashman Center on Friday, March 9 and Saturday, March 10. Homeowners can get help with lowering mortgage payments, principal reduction and short sale assistance. We talk with the director of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry about the type of help homeowners can get and why they need it.
Terry Johnson, Dir, Nevada Department of Business and Industry
Michael Joe, attorney, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

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I know being underwater is a bad place to be, but the economic fact is that the only way to liquidate the housing (price) bubble is to let the markets clear themselves. Banks should forclose (or not), or homeowners should pay their contracted mortgages (or vacate), all depending on the bottom line. Only then would we know the real value of real estate. Bailing out people via interest rate or principal reductions not only prevents this, but comes at a cost to those who do not get bailed out. Jeesh, if the government had made me whole on every bad investment I'd ever made, I'd be a millionaire by now (at the expense of other taxpayers, of course)!
Tim HuntMar 12, 2012 17:59:34 PM
Never mind about the first comment. The local link had the info. Would still like the contact info for Mr. Joe.
Mercedes ConnorMar 8, 2012 07:09:06 AM
I went to the website, and was unable to find what documents to bring. Also, I thought you were going to post contact information for Michael Joe.
Mercedes ConnorMar 8, 2012 07:06:53 AM
The thugs that represent Bank of America have demonstrated their dishonesty, their lack of ethics and morals and their willingness to commit fraud and perjury in order to obtain orders of foreclosure on Nevada homeowners. I wonder if Governor Sandoval and Attorney General Cortez Masto seriously think that we will trust anything this coterie of criminals have to say doring this absurdly cosmetic event.
CaveAdsumMar 7, 2012 20:52:43 PM
Just click on "Home Means Nevada" (the text above) or go to
AndonMar 7, 2012 10:07:35 AM
Please repeat the website for information on this event. For example, what to bring and the times. Thanks for this discussion.
SeleuciaMar 7, 2012 09:28:59 AM
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