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James Guthrie, Candidate for Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction
James Guthrie, Candidate for Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction

AIR DATE: March 9, 2012

James Guthrie, Senior Fellow and Director of Education Policy Studies at the George W. Bush Institute is one of the three finalists competing to be the next Superintendent of Instruction for the State of Nevada.
Guthrie is a supporter of the federal No Child Left Behind Act which Nevada has officially applied to opt out of in February. Nevada has struggled over the past few years to meet the requirements of NCLB. Guthrie is past president of the American Education Finance Association, former vice president of the American Education Research Association, served as editor-in-chief of the “Encyclopedia of Education,” published in 2002, and is series editor of the multi-volume Peabody Education Leadership Series.
James Guthrie, Sr Fellow and Dir of Education Policy Studies,. George W. Bush Inst

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Mr. Guthrie sounds like just another educrat who doesn't understand why in the 1960's our students went on to put men on the moon, while now - after decades of education colleges running the show - most graduates are morons. As for the cost of education, the first thing done should be to fire fully 90% of those who don't teach, for they are just useless parasites.
Tim HuntMar 12, 2012 17:52:00 PM
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