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Will Bishop Gorman Be Excluded
Will Bishop Gorman Be Excluded

AIR DATE: March 12, 2012

There is a growing frustration within public school athletics that Bishop Gorman has too much of an advantage.  The private school in Summerlin has enjoyed a lot of athletic success in recent years.  The football team is nationally ranked.  But, now there is conversation within the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association to exclude Bishop Gorman from postseason play because there may not be a competive balance.
Dallas Jackson, at Yahoo Sports
Eddie Bonine, Exec Dir, NIAA

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I wonder that nobody has mentioned the high irony here. The public school system has plenty of schools and teams to form a league, but can't afford to educate its students. Note the previous segment where the guest and candidate advocated abolishing senior year as a money-saving tactic. Families less financially privileged from all over the Valley would love to get a private education for their children. Meanwhile,the private school, as a result of its financially elite status, is fighting for the privilege of playing in a publicly funded league. It costs money to give some children an exclusive education. But that same money that grants them that exclusivity in the classroom causes the less privileged students to demand that they be excluded from the ball field. Ironic, no?
Marc WohlwillMar 8, 2012 21:51:01 PM
Dallas Jackson is wrong. This is not cyclical. Gorman has a competitive advantage due to their recruiting practices and the fact that because they are a private school, they are not subject to zoning regulations. The have the ability and money to recruit from all over the valley, which other schools lack. For the past several years, Gorman has recruited wealthy parents to "sponsor" other students from around the valley. Since they are not bound by the zoning regs that other schools are bound to, they have reach all over the valley and can recruit the best players from any school they choose. They should not be allowed to compete locally. It is unfair to the other schools and players.
BrianMar 8, 2012 10:40:46 AM
The district is already set for realignment in the upcoming school year to create more equally competitive teams/games. The NIAA should let this one play out before taking the drastic measure of excluding BGHS from local sports. The Palo Verde High School principal's cry-baby pleading at the NIAA meeting this week was appalling. Phillips should be focusing his attention on his school's academics and behaviorial problems and getting the students to pass the proficiency exams rather than pouting over high school athletics.
StevenMar 8, 2012 09:18:17 AM
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