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Clark County Firefighters Take Less Sick Leave
Clark County Firefighters Take Less Sick Leave

AIR DATE: March 22, 2012

For the last two years Clark County firefighters have been heavily scrutinized for their use of sick leave.  One county commissioner accused the department of gaming the system.  Now it has been learned that the amount of sick leave taken by firefighters has dropped by 40%; for fire chiefs it has dropped by 90%.  Is there still an FBI investigation?  Have firefighters lost the public trust?
Joe Schoenmann, reporter, LV Sun

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If Joe was a true reporter he'd report the facts and allow the facts to create the narrative. Instead he picks and chooses which facts to use and then inserts his personal bias to form the story's emphasis. I'm shocked KNPR would provide a platform for Joe's spin. SON should have asked Joe why he uses figures that misleads the public. "Total Compensation" is never used when someone discusses how much they make. It's used by the County to leverage public opinion against FFs and other government employees during contract negotiations. And it's used by the media to sensationalize the story. How's this headline, "FF average base pay $70K", not very sensational? How bout this one... "Bus driver average total compensation is $80K". Isn't it funny how fuzzy math can be used to spin a story. I'm totally shocked KNPR would stoop to this low. Shame on you SON! Consider my membership cancelled.
BuddyMar 9, 2012 19:58:13 PM
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