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Ruby Duncan, Welfare Activist
Ruby Duncan, Welfare Activist

AIR DATE: March 14, 2012

Orphaned by age 4, a school dropout by the 9th grade, and a cotton-picker in rural Louisiana, Ruby Duncan moved to Las Vegas for a better life.  Instead, she found her aunt living with other poor African Americans in a cardboard shack in the desert.  But when Nevada cut welfare aid by 75%, and left her a single mother with six kids in 1971, Ruby decided to take action.  She rallied local mothers to demonstrate and march on the Strip, and became one of the city's most vocal activists for women's and children's rights.  Ruby Duncan joins us to talk about her longtime activism, and why her hardscrabble beginnings helped shape the woman she is today.
Ruby Duncan, activist

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I would like to know why CCSD has a policy, according to my son's principle, that they do not have to do anything or teach anything for black history month. My son never learned anything for black history month and I took it to the principle and the district supervisor. This is what the district supervisor told me: "I am part of diversity and we don't have to celebrate black history month, we don't celebrate pacific-islander now do we." She then told me she would like to celebrate black history all year long. Yet nothing is being done at my son's school at all. I find the comment alone to be racist. Can you tell me why this is happening in the Clark County School District and what can we do to fight it?
Ligeia WillMar 21, 2012 21:11:37 PM
I am currently reading your book Ruby. I admire you. I really need to learn how to be an activist.
Ligeia WillMar 21, 2012 20:50:59 PM
Hi legeia, To become an activist,the main ingredient is to find a cause that interest you and learn all you can about it with passion. The next step is to make a difference by taking a stand. I appreciate your admiration for my mother.:) Sondra-washington,DC
sondra Phillips gilbertApr 4, 2012 23:08:35 PM
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