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Medical Care for People with Disabilities
Medical Care for People with Disabilities

AIR DATE: December 27, 2012

Not many people get to do academic research that has such a direct impact on their families. But Jenny Pharr got started looking at the problems disabled people face in securing medical care because her father is a paraplegic. Few primary care physicians have the equipment needed to properly examine the disabled and Pharr's research for the Ph.D. in public health has opened the lid on the problem.
Jenny Pharr, doctoral student in public health, UNLV

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Having raised a daughter with cerebral palsy to adulthood and launched her out into the world, I am all too aware of the difficulties that families with disabled members face. Practical experience has taught me an enormous amount about navigating both the health care, and public school systems in search of appropriate programs & solutions for my own daughter. I am very interested in sharing what I have learned and in advancing the available options for persons with disabilities. Now that my daughter is living on her own, it is time for me to pour my experience and enthusiasm for these issues into a broader perspective. I believe that turning my attention toward graduate work in health care administration can help me do that. But I need some guidance. Can you offer any suggestions about who I can talk to, and where I can go to get started? Any counsel you have will be greatly appreciated. Janice Stevens
Janice Stevens RN, BSNJun 28, 2012 09:44:15 AM
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