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Police Beating Controversy - Dissecting the Video
Police Beating Controversy - Dissecting the Video

AIR DATE: March 21, 2012

Last month video of a police beating in Henderson spraked a controversy.  In the video officers pull over motorist Adam Green, believing he is driving drunk.  Five officers take Green and hold him to the ground.  We then see Sergeant Brett Seekatz come in and kick Green in the head repeatedly.  Green has settled with the state and the city of Henderson.  Why did the sergeant feel he needed to kick Green after he was already down?  What should his punishment be?  And what did that video tell us about the culture of cops?
Antonio Planas, reporter,  LVRJ
Lawrence Mower, reporter, LVRJ: “Deadly Force, when Las Vegas Police Shoot and Kill"
Richard Boulware, VP, Las Vegas NAACP


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I hear people say that the police are not properly trained. As a trainee, you can have hundreds of hours of training, but once you get on the job and your supervisor shows you by example something like this police seargent did, all the training is for naught and this is what you will do. We need to hold supervisors to much higher standards of care, quit making excuses, and requiring them to set the example. Had this seargent done the right thing here, the damages here would have been mitigated or nothing like this would have happened as the officers involved would have different basic presumptions as to what was expected of them already. Shame on the DA for not setting the example himself and laying the groundwork just as the police seargent should have done. The circle of violence simply continues similarly to that in the street by regular thugs, but under the color of authority.
Kenneth R YoungMar 20, 2012 14:26:50 PM
This videotaped event is not an isolated occurrence. Rather it is indicative of Southern Nevada police culture. The local area police are not in any way motivated to help anyone in any way. Their only drive is to invoke as much fear and extract as much cash from the public as they can -regardless of any crime committed. They regularly assault the innocant with impunity and the only thing that sets this particular instance apart is that this time they just happened to get caught. The local police are a collection of sub-human, soulless bullies who continue, unabated, to kill the tourism upon which this area's economy so greatly depends.
Jim FlanniganMar 19, 2012 21:06:16 PM
Had this not been caught on dash cam, the cops would have again gotten away with it. This strongly supports the need for cameras. Whether or not the driver was drunk, the police has an obligation to act in a way that does not demean themselves or the public. This, unfortunately, has become the norm for NV police. I recently congratulated Steve Wolfson on his appointment as DA because I thought he would be different from the previous one and would act in an impartial manner in the interest of the police and the public. I am very disappointed with the way he has responded to this incident. Seems he is just more of the same. Too bad. I expected more of him. Hope he too is not paving the way for later employment with the the police department when he leaves this job.
aldaMar 19, 2012 20:36:20 PM
Rewind this video to the 1930s and Nazi Brown Shirts beating the vermin Jew. This sargent casually saunters over to that football pile-up and as an after thought delivers the coups de gras... one can almost hear his thoughts -"take that you di...he..d MF".Was his motivation ever questioned? The cop with the gun kicking in the car window - I know I've seen this is the movies. This is NOT good policing ad protecting and the resistance to investigate the police practices protected by the self-The monetary settlement was inadequate.Edmund Burke 18th C said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Charlotte Rochelle SudakovMar 19, 2012 11:41:58 AM
One more thing. We had a word for undertrained, hyperactive new guys, boots.
WillMar 19, 2012 10:24:51 AM
Police training should only be given to people who already have a firm grasp of the difference between right and wrong. If someone needs more training because they don't know that it is NOT OK to kick someone in the head for NO REASON then they should find that training on their own in prison, exactly like anyone else that would MOST CERTAINLY be locked up for commiting any such actions.
Very Concerned CitizenMar 19, 2012 10:02:57 AM
I was a Marine and completed two tours in Afghanistan seeing combat both times. We were frequently attacked and took casualties but managed to treat the common afghan with respect and fairness. Many domestic law enforcement seem to be lacking that professionalism and level headedness. This seems to be an indicator of the increasing militarization of our police. If they want action, go to Afghanistan.
WillMar 19, 2012 09:56:43 AM
Better training? Are you kidding me? There is not training needed for a person supposed to be better than the average person for the common decency or treatment of others. If we kicked a dog in this manner would that not be animal abuse? Of course. The Federal Circuit has clearly defined excessive use of force and this is an exemplary case of excessive force. The officers involved including those that allowed the behavior should be fired and charges filed.
WadeMar 19, 2012 09:49:09 AM
I'm afraid to drive anywhere in Henderson. I live in constant fear of the POLICE, although I have done nothing. They will find a way to take you down, that's their motto. I called them for help with an accident (someone hit my car), what a mistake! I have a stigmus, so I failed the eye test, but did all their acrobatics well. They booked me and took me down for a DUI... I blew a 0 three times at the station, they still didn't believe me. They strapped me down and took my blood, and after four hours, released me since they had no grounds to keep me in the lockup. I'll never call them for help again. "Serve and protect" is dead in Henderson.
Daniel WestMar 19, 2012 09:36:56 AM
The only thing I fear more than LVMPD is Henderson PD.
Gary AllenMar 19, 2012 09:31:45 AM
Typical treatment by the white police of an african american human being. Nothing will be done as long as the people in charge condone this type of treatment of any human being. These officers should be prosecuted and placed in prison for these acts. If you are that afraid for your life and acting instead of reacting like that, then you are in the wrong job. Agression should be met with aggression while medical need should be met with medical aid. Whatever happened to protect and serve? By the way, I am white and appalled.
Lance LongMar 19, 2012 09:19:03 AM
I agree that the reacton of the Officer was wrong, but I don't agree that you respond to aggression with aggression. If you believe that to be true, then this Officer did what was expected. He had no way of knowing the the person was in medical need until after he had restrained him. I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years and this is not how you take control of or handle a problem like this.
Kenny BensonMar 19, 2012 09:33:57 AM
Hello, I am from Cleveland, and within the first 3 days, I told my wife there is a problem with the police Dept. Most officers would be fired if they worked in Ohio. They are nothing but bullies and the abuse will not stop until they fire the bad apples. We try to stop them (new inquest rules) and now police are refusing to cooperate... Public: Remember they work FOR us. They are not a private club...
Robert S.Mar 19, 2012 09:19:01 AM
This was appalling! Why that officer is still employed is a unthinkable. He is a bully, and used force that was cruel. There was no reason for his action. What would we say if we saw a civilian use the same force on another man? It makes me afraid to stop for the police without others present.
Seleucia SivadMar 19, 2012 09:15:28 AM
Law Enforcement in Southern Nevada is over-zealous and failing to carry the spirit of law enforcement. People going to jail for broken bicycle reflectors? Shootings that are questionable at best? 5 vs 1 physical altercations with full force? How Nevadans are not sick of this and eager to change things from the top down is beyond me. It starts with firing, not demoting, people like Seekatz as they are a liability to public safety.
Jefferson MontoyaMar 19, 2012 09:13:07 AM
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