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P.W. Singer
P.W. Singer

AIR DATE: March 21, 2012

P.W. Singer has established himself as one of the leading experts on modern warfare - drones and robots as well as armies of children and corporate employees. Singer is the Senior Fellow and Director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution. He is speaking Tuesday night at UNLV on "What is Changing in War and National Security." He joins us ahead of the lecture.
P.W. Singer, Sr Fellow and Dir of the 21st Century Defense Initiative, Brookings Inst

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The distinction between CIA and military missions is blurred by JSOC, so legality of drone strikes is hard to evaluate. Also, since the ISAF and the US military continues to refuse to count the dead in Pakistani drone strikes, as required by international law, we run afoul of those conventions. In late November, a Jirga in Pakistan was attended by journalists like Clive Stafford Smith (see his 11/3/11 NYTimes Op-Ed). They all laughed at the US line that strikes are precise and error free. 16 year old Tariq Aziz agreed to gather much needed evidence of drone strikes and their victims. The next day he was killed by a drone strike. It seems like anti-drone activists have it right and we should fear and shun this and other new war technology. Why do you think they'll make us safer and protect our freedom?
Jim HaberMar 20, 2012 11:11:49 AM
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