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Nevada Ranks 9th as Most Corruptible State
Nevada Ranks 9th as Most Corruptible State

AIR DATE: March 22, 2012

Well, the grades are in for Most Corruptible State, and Nevada placed ninth.  We didn't flunk, but we also got a "D-."  So what makes us so corruptible?  Is it all the gambling?  The mortgage fraud?  Or, as the study's investigator put it, the "part-time lawmakers [who]... all face potential conflicts."  What were the judging criteria for Nevada?  Which states got an "A," and which states got an "F"?  And what can we do to improve?
Caitlin Ginley, Project Mgr, Center for Public Integrity
Anjeanette Damon, political reporter, LV Sun

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please see the most profound video of our time - open letter to Governer Brian Sandoval
NevadaWatchDogMay 20, 2012 09:00:18 AM
I have a problem with made up numbers being thrown around as to how much college grads make. I worked with a large number of college grads who made minimum wage. Having a college degree does not guarantee high wages.
S. CulshawMar 21, 2012 09:41:47 AM
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