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Reno Windmills Don't Live Up to Promised Output
Reno Windmills Don't Live Up to Promised Output

AIR DATE: March 27, 2012

Windmills erected in various locations across the City of Reno haven't produced the amount of energy the city and manufacturers first promised. One windmill that sits on Reno City Hall promised to generate about 750 kilowatt-hours over the year but it only put out 129 kilowatt-hours. Reno Gazette Journal City Reporter, Brian Duggan examined the output of Reno's windmills and he joins us to talk about why they haven't lived up to the promise.
Brian Duggan, City Reporter, RGJ

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I happened to catch the radio show today on the wind turbines installed in Reno doing a little reach myself. Who should have been surprised that these units do not produce enough power to create a long term payback. If you do not have at least 7 mph or 3 m/s most of these units produce 0 watts output. By the way, all the manufactures provide this data so it is not a hidden fact. Just for a novice you'd know that it requires the rated wind speeds to get rated output. Looking at the areas rated average wind at less than 6.6 mph I'd guess that if you paid more that $1000 for any installation it will never pay for itself. The large KW units will probably only produce energy a couple times a month since they most likely need 4-5 m/s speeds to start. Rule of thumb, no wind turbines unless you have 10-12 mph winds. Yes, this was a helpful demonstration in do your homework and don't complain later.
Al AdamsOct 28, 2012 21:09:58 PM
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