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The New District Attorney - Steve Wolfson
The New District Attorney - Steve Wolfson

AIR DATE: March 26, 2012

Clark County got a new district attorney last month - former Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Wolfson. He had promised to be more pro-active in police shootings than his predecessor and to be more careful in laying appropriate charges. But he began with a controversial decision not to proceed against a Henderson police officer who was caught on tape kicking a driver who was having a diabetic seizure. Wolfson joins us to talk about his plans for the prosecutor's office.
Steve Wolfson, DA, Clark County
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    District Attorney Steven Wolfson, it's time to allow the Innocence Project to access crime scene evidence and pay for DNA testing to be performed in the case of Kirstin Lobato (Appellate Case 58913). She's innocent, has already spent 11 years imprisoned in Clark County on the taxpayers' dime for a crime she did not commit, and 154,000 have asked. How many will it take?
    Helen CaddesMar 10, 2013 19:00:06 PM
    I recently met and congratulated Mr. Wolfson on his appointment as DA. I thought he would be different from the last guy. But after his recent response to the matter involving the Henderson police and the man who was having a seizure, I am now not sure that his appointment will make any difference. Seems it will be just business as usual where the DA will continue to act simply as a defender of the bad behavior of the police as they continue to diserve those who they swore to serve. Seems Mr. Wolfson is looking to his election three years from now.
    aldaMar 22, 2012 09:38:07 AM
    Given the da doesn't file unless he thinks he can convict why all the plea deals
    william baconMar 22, 2012 09:20:06 AM
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