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Water Grab Two
Water Grab Two

AIR DATE: March 28, 2012

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is allowed to pump tens of thousands of acres of water from the rural regions of Northwestern Nevada.  State engineer, Jason King, decided that the water authority has the right to pump more than eighty thousand acres a year from Lincoln and White Pine Counties.  There are many stipulations in place but opponents of the pipeline don't like them.  What happens next and does southern Nevada want to pay what this pipeline may actually cost to build?
Rob Mrowka, Ecologist and Nature Conservation Advocate, Center for Biological Diversity
Hank Vogler, Rancher and Sheep Herder, White Pines County
John Entsminger, Sr Deputy Gen Mgr, Las Vegas Valley Water District
Mandi Lindsay, Associated General Contractors of Las Vegas

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Great show. What was the cost to the water bill payer for buying all that land in central Nevada? The water authority person is going to spread Pat's theme. The woman on the panel was useless. Interesting to hear from a rancher. The pacific ocean? Why not? An ocean? A sea? Works for the middle east just fine. Why don't we think out of the box rather than whose pocket to line with cash.
Steve MorganMar 26, 2012 21:16:49 PM
The water authority lies: It has gone into debt for $3 billion to build only 50 miles of pipeline just in the Las Vegas area. There is no way that it will be able to build 300 miles of pipeline for that same amount, as it claims. The $15 billion cost is much more realistic and will result is costs of about $10,000 per acre foot, which is more than ten times the current cost.
ed uehlingMar 26, 2012 10:03:36 AM
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