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Defying Evil: How the Italian Army Saved Holocaust Jews
Defying Evil: How the Italian Army Saved Holocaust Jews

AIR DATE: March 29, 2012

It's a little-known story: how the Italian army saved Croatian Jews during the Holocaust.  Ben Wood stumbled across that line in a history book, and he started digging deeper.  History teacher Ben Wood talks about the surprising stories he found about the Italian Army and why they kept it hidden.  He talks about his overseas trip to uncover the truth and dig into his Jewish past, and why so few people know about this thread of Holocaust history.
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    I am a student of the Holocaust and often provide speakers for various organizations. How can we get in touch with Ben Wood for a possible phone discussion and then perhaps a speaking engagement? Would love to get in touch with Elizabeth Bettina as well, author of "It Happened in Italy". Can you help me out?
    Dr. Frank P OliveriJun 16, 2012 14:28:11 PM
    How does one get a hold of authors Ben Wood and Elizabeth Bettina for possible speaking engagements? My phone # is 585-581-0529 Would you please get me in touch with them. Thank you so much Frank
    Dr. Frank P OliveriJun 16, 2012 14:23:52 PM
    Read a book called "It Happened In Italy" by Elizabeth Bettina. You will see that the Italians saved many, many Jews. An estimated 83% of the the Jews in Italy survived- this in a country allied with Germany. There were no deportations until after September, 1943 when Italy surrendered and Germany invaded and ruled Italy.
    Bryan JandorfApr 9, 2012 18:31:08 PM
    I was fortunate to see a program with the author of "It happened in Italy", Elizabeth Bettina. Then I found out my cousin Ben Wood wrote a book on a similar subject. Both are a must read. How fortunate am I to know two authors who wrote to enlightening chapters in history. Defying Evil is a must read for historians or curious people anywhere.
    Iris PaganApr 10, 2012 04:43:37 AM
    The author tells a story that has been overlooked in history. the good things that were done need to be recognized. Mr Wood brings to us the story of this event in history in a well written, easy to read, format. wonderful reading.
    Bill ThomasApr 1, 2012 21:27:38 PM
    Great interview... Interesting topic.
    Brian GodwinMar 30, 2012 22:16:09 PM
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