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Nevada Women and the Equal Rights Amendment
Nevada Women and the Equal Rights Amendment

AIR DATE: March 30, 2012

The Equal Rights Amendment was intended to give women the same rights as men in the Constitution.  But it didn’t get enough ratifications, and it never passed.  Back in 1975, it was the hottest debated issue in the Nevada legislature.  A group of Nevada women decided to push for its ratification, and suddenly found themselves locked in a battle with politicians, housewives, and even the Mormon Church.  Those women join us to talk about their activism, and why they think women today still don’t have equal rights.
Caryll Dziedziak, historian
Harriet Trudell, ERA activist
Renee Diamond, ERA activist
Harriet Trudell being arrested at the US Capitol Rotunda March 1995 protesting the passage of the House welfare reform.
Harriet Trudell arrested at the US Capitol Rotunda in March 1995 while protesting the passage of the House welfare reform. Credit: Special Collections Dept, UNLV

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Not able to hear their interesting comments, I will comment myself. I am spearheading Florida's legislation to ratify the re-ignited ERA 18/7 for TWELVE years, & helping mentor 6 other states & 2 new bills before US Congress! I tried to help NV 2 yrs ago when IT had ERA bills too. I do that ForFree For YOU, and ALL at 77y/o!--So, ERA is NOT dead. Tour our, PLEASE
Sandy OestreichApr 7, 2012 07:51:18 AM
Can the ladies you have in studio today help me? I cannot understand why ANY American Woman would support a political candidate or political party position that would deny her the same human right of self-determination regarding her reproductive organs that American Men enjoy. Why do some women follow these people when they are supporting the reduction of their human rights?
Jim in HendersonMar 29, 2012 08:54:21 AM
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