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What Will Health Care Reform Really Look Like
What Will Health Care Reform Really Look Like

AIR DATE: April 2, 2012

This week has been a feast of constitutional arguments - the taxing power and the commerce clause. But forget the Supreme Court. We want to look at how the health care reforms are taking place on the ground. What difference are they making? What will change? What should you look for as an employee with health insurance and a patient with a primary care physician?
Chris Cochrane, Assoc Prof of Health Care Administration, UNLV
David Sayen, Regional Admin, California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Trust Territories, Medicare
Charles Kerby, Owner, Liberte Group LLC 

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What will Health Care look like? Children will be able to stay on their parent's insurance longer and people with pre-existing conditions will not be discriminated against. This, along with the mandate (which lobbyists from private insurance companies THEMSELVES required of the President in order to support the legislation), spreads out the risk among all Americans and inviites many more PRIVATE companies to offer health insuarance at a lower cost and lower risk. Its actually a very conservative idea, which is why Republican Presidential Candidate Sen. Bob Dole was the first to offer it.
Jim in HendersonMar 29, 2012 08:50:21 AM
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