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Clark County Commission Wants to Clean up the Strip
Clark County Commission Wants to Clean up the Strip

AIR DATE: April 10, 2012

The Clark County Commission wants to put tighter restrictions on panhandlers, unlicensed vendors and sidewalk entertainers on the Strip. The County's Strip Corridor Working Group spent six months examining the experience on the Strip came up with a list of suggestions for cleaning up the Strip. Among their recommendations are more frequent trash can emptying, more police and surveillance and time and place restrictions for activities on public sidewalks. We talk with a County Commissioner and legal experts about how these changes might be implemented.
Susan Brager, Clark County Commissioner
Allen Lichtenstein, Gen Counsel, ACLU
Marc Randazza, attorney, Randazza Legal Group
Patrick Coolican, Columnist, Las Vegas Sun

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Las Vegas Strip AKA...The Smut Show and Stroll
tom the liberalApr 7, 2012 21:04:18 PM
I would like to see the strip closed to vehicles-- aside from maybe one lane in each direction for cabs, police, and emergency vehicles only. My wife worked on the strip for years and we both agree on this. This would allow both pedestrians and performers to enjoy each other more fully.
John Paul MulchayApr 6, 2012 09:53:42 AM
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