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Metro to Takeover North Las Vegas Police?
Metro to Takeover North Las Vegas Police?

AIR DATE: April 12, 2012

North Las Vegas is talking with Las Vegas Metro about possibly transferring some or all of its police services. The city is facing a budget shortfall close to $31-million. How plausible is this transfer of power? Is North Las Vegas slowly fading? If you live in North Las Vegas tell us what you think about this possible takeover.

Steve Sebelius, columnist Las Vegas Review Journal


8NewsNow - Possible takeover of police services

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    Because of this qualified immunity, it's virtually impossible to bring a claim against Metro. Because of this qualified immunity and the loosely-written legislation, Metro knows they are untouchable and will continue to escalate the violence on our citizens' and assault their civil and constitutional rights. Lives and livelihoods are being taken and/or ruined. Put Metro in check and update the laws which will uphold the civil and constitutional rights of citizens in Nevada. Gillespie, et al need to adopt the 26 March 2012 recommendations in the ACLU's petition to the U.S. Department of Justice, requesting a "patterns & practices" investigation of Metro. And they certainly need to do so before they expand their criminal activities into NLV. It's the one place we can still feel safe from their reach.
    Theresa PriceApr 12, 2012 20:58:17 PM
    Mr Gillespie and his Metro enterprise strike great fear in me. Las Vegas Valley police have been involved in 378 shootings since 1990, 142 of them fatal. Metro alone was responsible for 310 shootings and 115 deaths. That's nearly 18 shootings per year in the Las Vegas Valley, 21 years running. This is only the misuse of force where shootings are concerned; general police misconduct, corruption and universal excessive use of force notwithstanding. In accordance w/9th Circuit Court's upholding of "qualified immunity" in every case that's come before the court, victims have no avenue for recompense. Because of this propensity, no workable venue exists to retrieve costs associated w/the loss of life or livelihood; no reimbursement for attorney's fees, court costs, hospital or funeral bills which can and do cost the victim and their families hundreds of thousands. Then Metro can counter-sue for their defense costs?! Keep Metro out of NLV.
    Theresa PriceApr 12, 2012 20:49:00 PM
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