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North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck
North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck

AIR DATE: April 16, 2012

The city of North Las Vegas has a $33-million budget deficit. City officials are discussing the possibility of transferring police duties to Las Vegas Metro. Last year the state considered taking over the city because of concerns it would become insolvent. Mayor Shari Buck joins us to discuss the budget issues and the future of her city.
Shari Buck, Mayor North Las Vegas
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    NLV is a failed municipality; it began with a boom which quickly busted. Bringing in Metro to NLV is the scariest of scenarios. A better idea to balance the budget is to cut the positions in NLV government along with the salaries/benefits of a bare-bones staff. Do something other than pass the costs off to those of us who are still here. That I pay 3.6% real estate taxes is incredulous. And the new jails? Stop this madness of prisons for profit. Close all but one jail for the whole county. Then we won't have such propensity for holding people who are released on bail or by the judge for another 24 to 96+ hours beyond their release.
    Theresa PriceApr 12, 2012 21:16:20 PM
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