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AFL-CIO Pushes Education Tax Initiative Without Teachers Union Support
AFL-CIO Pushes Education Tax Initiative Without Teachers Union Support

AIR DATE: April 16, 2012

The Nevada State AFL-CIO wants to raise taxes for education by bringing a vote to the people. The labor group needs to collect 73,000 signatures to put the initiative on the ballot but they will have to do it without the help of the teachers union. The Nevada State Education Association says they can't justify spending the money needed to collect the signatures. We'll talk with AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Danny Thompson about the initiative.
Danny Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer, Nevada State AFL-CIO

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Very good points Mr Thompson makes in this interview. The social contract has been broken, all across America. The billions earned is on the backs of the very individuals being targeted in this class warfare. Millionaires and billionaires are increasing their wealth by the day while the middle class is being relegated into poverty. Wages have stagnated, h/s dropouts are #1 in the nation our municipalities are bankrupt. A minimum wage earner in Nevada must work 93 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, w/no sick days or time off just to afford a two-bedroom apartment. With this assault on public education, we'll have more and more of these minimum wage earners in our communities. When do we pay attention to society as a whole and realize that this affects all of us? Education is the key to success. I agree with the caller that Gov Sandoval should be jumping up and down on this issue.
Theresa PriceApr 12, 2012 20:35:02 PM
Create a Nevada or Clark County-only Lottery that pays for Education ONLY. Change the state law about this. Make it the biggest, largest lottery (payout) in the country. Make it tax-free. We are bordered by five states that would drive traffic to the state to buy tickets; that alone would add money to the local economies.
MartyApr 12, 2012 20:33:10 PM
Good point Marty, that's an idea that could work!
Theresa PriceApr 12, 2012 20:37:10 PM
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