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Singer Trina Johnson-Finn Details Time in South American Prison
Singer Trina Johnson-Finn Details Time in South American Prison

AIR DATE: April 20, 2012

Las Vegas-based singer and tribute artist Trina Johnson-Finn traveled to Suriname in 2009 to perform a tribute show to famous recording artist Toni Braxton. When she took the stage angry fans threw bottles and booed Johnson-Finn until she left the stage. A concert promoter in Suriname sold tickets to the show promoting Johnson-Finn as the actual Toni Braxton. Fans were upset and the incident led to Johnson-Finn being jailed for more than four months on charges of fraud. Her name was cleared and she was eventually released and the show promoter convicted. This weekend Trina Finn-Johnson premiers a new tribute to Whitney Houston. She also performs in "Vegas:The Show" and with the Family Stone. Trina Finn-Johnson joins us to talk about her new show and being in jail in Suriname.
Trina Finn-Johnson, singer, Queen of The Night: A Tribute to Whitney Houston

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Sorry, but she knew. The whole city had posters and the entry ticket had a picture of the real Toni Braxton on it. And she did an interview for a tv station herself as if she was toni Braxton's manager. Saying "Toni is looking forward to her concert here in Suriname. Even till this day Toni Braxton herself is disgusted with this woman. Only people in Vegas believe her.
AmandJun 12, 2012 01:53:47 AM
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