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After SB 1070, Some Migrants In Arizona Self-Deport
After SB 1070, Some Migrants In Arizona Self-Deport

AIR DATE: April 24, 2012

The Supreme Court will hear a case challenging SB 1070 on April 25. Some argue it has achieved its goal by forcing immigrants out.

A federal judge has already stopped the most controversial parts of Arizona's 2010 immigration law from going into effect. But supporters say that hasn't prevented the law from achieving one of its stated goals: Thousands of people who were living in Arizona illegally have left.

We hear a report on the effect SB 1070 has had on Arizona.

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Hello.. the Fronteras story today bout SB1070 the reporter (Peter somebody) would not stop repeating "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" even the man that he interviewed said "undocumented". This is very negative wording... Whoever his editor is, needs to understand that they need to STOP using negative wording. illegal immigrants is what we expect from FoxNews NOT NPR!
Annette RaveneauApr 20, 2012 09:20:12 AM
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