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Rebroadcast: The Short, Short Hitchhiker
Rebroadcast: The Short, Short Hitchhiker

AIR DATE: April 27, 2012

Richard Menzies was driving down a Nevada road in 1976 when he passed a hitchhiker.  And that's when Richard Menzies did a double take: the hitchhiker had no feet.  Richard drove back and met the man - Stanley Gurcze - and found out why Stanley was missing his feet.  Stanley also told him stories from his life on the West Coast highways, hopping from one car to the next.  About a year later, Richard got a package in the mail: Stanley the hitchhiker had sent him a manuscript of his life.  Stanley didn't live to see the book published, but Richard says his spirit lives on.  Richard joins us to tell stories of Stanley's life, and why it took him over 30 years to publish Stanley's words.  Originally aired: November 1, 2011.
Richard Menzies, Ed, The Short, Short Hitchhiker
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