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Rebroadcast: Western High School Principal, Neddy Alvarez Talks Turnaround
Rebroadcast: Western High School Principal, Neddy Alvarez Talks Turnaround

AIR DATE: May 1, 2012

Western High School is one of Clark County School District's five turnaround schools. Western High is mostly Hispanic and located in a working class neighborhood with many English language learners. For years the school has struggled with academic achievement. With increased federal funding this year Principal, Neddy Alvarez wants the school's engineering and technology programs to be emphasized, but, it's a tough road for Alvarez and her students where dropout rates have been a problem.
Alvarez was part of a team of district volunteers who walked door to door looking to bring students back to school who have missed a significant amount of time. That effort got 12 commitments from students to come back to school but the district still has thousands of kid who won't come back. We talk with Neddy Alvarez about the turnaround efforts at Western High School. Originally aired: 2/17/12
Neddy Alvarez, Principal, Western High School

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