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Mayor Carolyn Goodman
Mayor Carolyn Goodman

AIR DATE: May 1, 2012

Mayor Carolyn Goodman delivered her State of the City address earlier this month.  So how is Las Vegas doing?  Where and how can we improve?  Mayor Goodman joins us in the studios.
Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas


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Mayor Goodman, you make me proud to live in LV. Your confidence and positive attitude are inspiring!
Rosemary DenisApr 30, 2012 09:36:09 AM
Is it true the city combined the 18b Association meetings with the Fremont East Association? If yes, why?
PamApr 30, 2012 09:35:54 AM
The arts suffer eternal. Governments have to mandate public spaces be filled with art. Art brings business. Its odd that the business owner least likely to benefit becomes it largest benefactor. Its time for our society to wake up and realize that not only will people spend more money when made happy, everyones soul benefits. Not all artists are notoriously emotional, in fact some of us have good business heads. Its unfortunate the money doesnt follow when one attempts to follow their heart. I wonder what this world would be like without ideas from the creative world. The very machines that kaching day and night here are developed by genius artists. Those making a profit from the art crowds need to pay. Thats the least they can do. People turn out because they crave a little culture.
BETTY FOXApr 30, 2012 09:32:47 AM
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