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Ten years of X Burlesque at Flamingo
Ten years of X Burlesque at Flamingo

AIR DATE: May 3, 2012

The show "X Burlesque" at Flamingo celebrates 10 years on the Strip this month. Two of their performers, sisters Shakeera Onstead and Rasmeeka Voelkner came to the United States from South Africa during apartheid. Their parents were the first registered interracial couple in South Africa. Onstead had aspirations of working in the pharmaceutical industry and earned a degree in Biology from UNLV. Voelkner was a gymnast and competed in the 2000 Olympics. They have both been with X Burlesque from the start and join us to talk about the show and their history in South Africa.

Shakeera Onstead, dancer, X Burlesque
Rasmeeka Voelkner, dancer, X Burlesque

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