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Tony Ciaglia: From Brain Injury Survivor to Serial Killer Pen Pal
Tony Ciaglia: From Brain Injury Survivor to Serial Killer Pen Pal

AIR DATE: May 9, 2012

Tony Ciaglia was a teenager at summer camp, when a boating accident landed him in a coma.  He spent the next few years relearning how to walk and talk, and navigating a world of medications and teen bullies.  He had a nervous breakdown, and says he would have ended up dead or in a mental ward.  But three things saved him: his supportive family, his love of Elvis, and the pen pal correspondence he started with serial killers.  Tony Ciaglia shares his story, and how he convinced some of the killers to reveal where they hid the bodies.
Tony Ciaglia, The Serial Killer Whisperer written by Pete Earley
Albert Ciaglia, Tony's father

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Isn't this the same guy who I saw applying for Social Security disability? I guess he expects the U.S. taxpayers to support him, too.
coraJul 17, 2012 12:54:38 PM
Well if you don't think he has a right to collect the social security he has also put money into then maybe you can go live in another country. Then again most people who Bitch about this has a silver spoon shoved so deep in their Ass that if something happened to you, you would probably kill yourself
dahmers graceAug 18, 2012 23:28:04 PM
Wow, amazing book, amazing talent. Thank you Tony! Thank you writer for putting Tony's work into words. I was sickened listening to the accounts of the serial killers. Most intimate accounts in history of the inner guts of a serial killer. Amazing. Thank you Tony!
KimmieMay 12, 2012 03:42:37 AM
Thank you for pointing out the error. It has been fixed!
DanielleMay 8, 2012 08:20:55 AM
Yeah, a little classless to crop out the author's name from the book and then fail to give him credit. Oh well
George NevarroMay 7, 2012 18:12:15 PM
Tony is not the author. He is the subject of the book. The author is Pete Earley. Tony is the guy who keeps talking about how he wanted the book to be about TBI. He keeps talking about how the author sensationalized things about him....yet he keeps publicizing the book. So, with that in mind...he can't be the author of a book if he wasn't aware that it was going to be about serial killers and not TBI. I guess the title of the book got by him too.
Gloria FenceMay 7, 2012 15:58:33 PM
Gloria - You're right, Tony is not the author of the book, however, all the of content in the book was written by him. Pete simply took the information and put it in book form. Clearly, this radio station made an error is stating Tony as the author. Tony did want the book to be about TBI, however, Pete and the editor said that Serial Killers sell. I'm not sure that I believe that. I have read tons of feedback online about this book and 80% or more is about Tony's amazing story of struggle perseverance, a will to live, a will to walk again, and a will to survive. That is the real story in this book. The author did sensationalize things about him in the book. He stated, "Tony started writing to serial killers because he thought he was becoming one" and "Tony has 6 of the 10 traits that a serial killer has" - Those things are simply not true. He wrote to serial Killers out of curiosity. Since he an ownership stake in the book, wouldn't it make sense that he would publicize the book for monetary reasons? He wanted the book to be about TBI but was still well aware that it was going to be about serial killers. Where do you think Pete got all of his information about serial killers
Joe TucciMay 22, 2012 01:02:15 AM
Another thing you mention is that the title of the book must have slipped by him. Clearly you don't have any knowledge of publishing. If you did, you would know that the editor titles the book. Not Pete and not Tony. They both disliked the title of the book, however, when Simon & Schuster is paying the bill, they get to name the book. See? you learn something everyday. I just wish that I didn't have to read ridiculous comments from people like you when you don't have any of your facts straight. This guy Tony put alot of effort into this book and shared some of the darkest secrets of his life with the readers. You should respect that and commend him on his bravery, inspiration, motivation, and constant will to keep fighting against an injury that will affect him for the rest of his life.
Joe TucciMay 22, 2012 01:11:30 AM
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