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Horse Sanctuaries as a Solution for Wild Horses
Horse Sanctuaries as a Solution for Wild Horses

AIR DATE: May 9, 2012

Madeleine Pickens purchased 14,000 acres of ranch land east of Elko near the Utah border.  Her plan is to create a horse sanctuary for up to 900 wild mustangs.  But, not everyone is on board with this idea.  The Nevada Association of Counties is preparing a lawsuit against the BLM in hopes of circumventing the sanctuary.
Madeleine Pickens, owner of horse sanctuary in Northern Nevada
DeMar Dahl, Commissioner, Elko County
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    Thank you for your love for America's wild horses. My dream would to be to have NONE of the horses EVER going to SLAUGHTER. 1)Their numbers can be controled 2) Some could be adopted to No Slaughter Homes 3) They can make some of their own money through your generous help and sanctuary and America can go there and learn and enjoy all the wild horses. I am waiting to hear More of your plans for the Sanctuary.
    Carlene RidenourMay 14, 2012 13:27:55 PM
    I just so don't understand why if we our Americans and love our history why are we letting our Goverment destroy what America is proud of which started way way way back when america wake up and start being strong and tell our Goverment STOP!!!!!!!!!
    carlaMay 14, 2012 10:29:22 AM
    I was upset to hear that a commissioner of Elko NV is opposing the preservation of Nevada's wild horses. Madeleine Pickens has done so much against all odds. The horses have lost land, access to water, and continue to be relentlessly rounded up. They do less damage than cattle. It is absolutely irrational to oppose a sanctuary where the horses would have their own land, and be out of the way of the cattlemen. The horse and burro settled the West. It is disgusting the lack of respect that they have been shown. They are great animals, and are apart of our heritage.
    samantha mMay 9, 2012 18:04:43 PM
    America's wild horses need protection so that they remain living legends and not just seen in the movies. Congrats and best wishes to Madeleine and the heroic efforts to allow these horses to live in peace, free from roundups and the slaughterhouse pipeline. Ecotourism and education are some of the best solutions to saving the mustangs so they can live free on the public lands that have been legislated for them years ago. On my bucket list to visit the sanctuary some day!  author, "Wind, Wild Horse Rescue".
    Denise BrownMay 9, 2012 10:43:52 AM
    Wild horses are a great symbol of the history of the Western U.S. However, Ms. Pickens and others misspeak when they say that the wild horses should be allowed to live in their native habitat. Horses were brought to America by the Europeans. They are not native to the U.S. and this is why they do not positively impact the environment.
    JasonMay 9, 2012 09:52:14 AM
    When Mrs. Pickens refers to the wild horses "natural habitat" she means for the past few hundred years, though there is ample evidence that the horses migrated across the Bering penisula 10,000 years ago and they also are what many people refer to as a "re-introduced" species. As far as their impact on the environment, it's what it has been for hundreds of years and no more or no less than other types of species on our public lands--no doubt 30,000 wild horses has less overall impact than 4 million cattle on our public lands.
    jerry reynoldsonMay 9, 2012 10:15:12 AM
    I have been so disappointed in the actions of the BLM. They seem like agents of the powerful Cattle Industry. I often travel to the most remote places in Nevada and find that cattle have been trucked in to graze on the BLM land. For free. Our land. The cattle industry wants complete control of all the federal land for their own use. They want to wild Horses and Burros removed because they compete for the grazing land. BLM must be corrupt at the top.
    Michael BorofkaMay 9, 2012 07:27:44 AM
    Why are they preparing a lawsuit? Are they cattle people? Many are angry at the BLM for rounding the horses, putting them in small pens, rounding them with helicopters for long periods of time, until some are lame. They were fine on the range, but BLM's agenda was not good, so Madeleine Pickens idea of the sanctuary is the next best thing, to give them a good home. The BLM needs to answer why they are rounding these beautiful animals & Burros & putting them in pens for many months. Many have gone to slaughter. I would have to commend Madeleine for her care of these horses.
    Caryn HylandMay 8, 2012 16:57:33 PM
    I think that is a wonderful idea!! Great for the safety of the horses. Why BLM has a problem with that is they can't make money off animals that can't fight back.... um that must be it.... You go Madeleine Pickens thats a very selfless wonderful idea..!!
    KathyMay 8, 2012 22:47:01 PM
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