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ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease
ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease

AIR DATE: May 14, 2012

In ALS, nerve cells or neurons waste away or die, and can no longer send messages to muscles. This eventually leads to muscle weakening, twitching, and an inability to move the arms, legs, and body. The condition slowly gets worse. When the muscles in the chest area stop working, it becomes hard or impossible to breathe on one's own. In about 10 percent of cases, the cause is genetic but in the rest, the cause is not known. We talk with a patient and a doctor about the disease and what can be done to treat it. 
Peter DoBoulay, ALS patient
Dana Lyman, Peter's partner and caregiver
Megan Testa, LPN, Exec Dir, ALS of NV
David Ginsburg, MD, Medical Advisor and Clinic Dir, ALS of NV, and Medical Advisor for the NV Neuroscience Foundation
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    Please tell your ALS guest about the book THE HEALING CODE by Dr. Alex Loyd & Dr. Ben Johnson, an oncology doctor who was in the movie The Secret. Ben was diagnosed with ALS, and after using the info from Dr. Loyd, he was HEALED in 3 months. Not allopathic. Energy medecine. Your medical guests are STUCK in the allopathic paradigm. Alternative mededine offers MANY other choices. And now, ENERGY MEDECINE is very powerful. It is NOT quackery, as mainstream would have us believe. Read BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, by Dr. Bruce Lipton, read GREGG BRADEN'S work. But, please, definitely THE HEALING CODE book. Also, alot is free, & some extension of the book is not expensive. A download of much more info is $197. Worth looking into.
    Elizabeth BirdMay 10, 2012 10:53:31 AM
    This of course is quackery. If there were a cure for ALS, I think it would be well known. Patients and physicians are desperately searching for treatment. It is patient desperation that increases the wealth of vermin like those that promote these false cures.
    Real physicianMay 10, 2012 11:04:18 AM
    Bless you, Dr. Ginsburg. My neighbor was told she had ALS while her neurologist looked at her MRI. The neurologist would not look her in the eye, and avoided eye contact with me, too. He would only look at the brain MRI. While leaving his office, he actually said, Good Luck and follow up with your primary care physician. I hope all doctors who may be listening realize that a little compassion goes so far, especially at the beginning.
    Ann MarieMay 10, 2012 10:48:17 AM
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