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Two Las Vegas Councilmen
Two Las Vegas Councilmen

AIR DATE: May 15, 2012

Councilman Bob Coffin ran to improve life in his ward, which he argued, had been neglected. Too much attention had been focused on downtown. Councilman Bob Beers recently won a special election and promised to review expenditures, which he feared would balloon with the payments for the new city hall. These councilmen seemed to be shaking up the consensus that had gathered around Mayor Oscar Goodman. We ask them what the big issues are for the City of Las Vegas and how they have made a difference.
Councilman Bob Beers, Ward 2, Las Vegas City Council
Councilman Bob Coffin, Ward 3, Las Vegas City Council
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    I live in downtown Vegas and repeatedly called your line with no result. Unsurprsing. The idea of an arena downtown is flawed. You might recall when we had the NBA All-Star game a few years ago and the traffic was so dire that players could not even make it to the games on time. As I recall, the commissioner even said that traffic would need to be addressed before a team here could be a possibility. But, of course, they want it downtown. Where they could wipe out the arts district to put up a white elephant with no guarantees of an actual team. But this is a good idea! Funny, how i heard the typical tirade about the government running defecits, but nothing about the boondoggle and wasted money such and arena would be. You had time for the talking points about how "government" ruins business and had time for our elected officals to take potshots at local businessmen for being frustrated (hey, only a fool would have spent years revitalizing downtown before Magic Tony). Well, to be safe, I won't vote for any Bobs in the future and I'll continue considering "State of Nevada" a show more interested in sucking up to local politicos than actually addressing issues in a meaningful way.
    Lissa Townsend RodgersMay 11, 2012 20:53:31 PM
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