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Same-Sex Marriage
Same-Sex Marriage

AIR DATE: May 15, 2012

President Obama made history on Wednesday, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to endorse same-sex marriage.  Nevada is embroiled in its own same-sex debate.  Our state offers domestic partnerships, but local same-sex couples recently joined a federal lawsuit seeking the right to marry.  So what's next for Nevada?  Politicians suggest they may bring it up for a vote again, but conservative pro-family groups aren't happy about that.  Experts join us to talk about the pros and cons of the debate, plus two locals share their stories of why they want a same-sex marriage.
Steve Sebelius, columnist, LVRJ, and member, KLAS Channel 8 I-Team
Adam Nagourney, reporter, New York Times
Antioco Carrillo, co-plaintiff in federal suit to overturn ban on same-sex marriage
Megan Lanz, co-plaintiff in federal suit to overturn ban on same-sex marriage
Janine Hansen, lobbyist and president, Nevada Eagle Forum
Chris Miller, chairman, Clark County Democratic Party

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This Janine Hansen is extremely narrow minded on the Domsetic Partnership (DP) issue. Not every DP is done by same sex couples. My girl & myself have a DP agreement & we are heterosexual. This is just another right-wing move to impose their thinking on the rest of society. If I want to live under religious based rules & laws, I would go live under the Taliban in Afghansitan. Janine Hansen would be a great member of the American Taliban.
BertsosMay 14, 2012 15:23:14 PM
If marriage is so sacred and is supposed to be between one woman and one man, why do "heterosexuals" condone divorce and multiple remarriages? Those who use the bible as their excuse to oppose gay marriage are the same ones who "back in the day" used the bible to criminalize interracial marriage, integration, slavery,etc. I challenge any of the people who so strongly object to same sex marriage to show how same sex marriage would affect their way of life. Who are we to believe that we have the right to limit other people's rights
aldaMay 14, 2012 10:59:32 AM
I'd take the laws against same sex marriage seriously when divorce is outlawed.
MichaelMay 14, 2012 10:37:46 AM
Our whole community will be made better through marriage equality. My children go to school with classmates whose parents are in same sex civil unions. It is not fair that one of their parents NOT have the same rights to the children they love.
Christine Kramar May 14, 2012 10:25:46 AM
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