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Casino Investments Cost Teachers' Pension Fund
Casino Investments Cost Teachers' Pension Fund

AIR DATE: May 18, 2012

The Texas Teachers' Retirement Fund was a big investor in the Station Casinos buyout. The fund wanted to boost its returns. The Fertitta Brothers, who now own a majority of the company, were also donors to Governor Rick Perry's campaign. And the governor appointed the board that changed the teachers investment strategy to more aggressive investment in real estate and bonds. We talk with the reporter who investigated how TTRF lost its entire $99 million investment.
Steve McGonigle, reporter, Dallas Morning News

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My comment is directed towards your guests comments on the use of legal mood enhancing substances by school aged children, available at local shops. There is a never ending supply of substances that kids or anyone for that matter can use to get "high", why try to demonize an inanimate object instead of discussing with children, and parents most of all, about the signs of an addictive personality or other personal triggers for drug or substance abuse? It has been clinically shown that any substance, healthy or not, can be used in a destructive manner. The reasoning for this is almost always the individual's desire to alter states. Thank you for your time.
Alexis PrinceMay 17, 2012 09:46:39 AM
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