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Photographer Barbara Davidson: Survivors of Gang Crossfire [Rebroadcast]
Photographer Barbara Davidson: Survivors of Gang Crossfire [Rebroadcast]

AIR DATE: May 24, 2012

South Los Angeles.  Compton.  Watts.  For people who live here, gang shootings are a way of life.  LA Times photographer Barbara Davidson spent almost two years in these neighborhoods.  She snapped photos of victims with their chests stapled shut, babies with head scars, a father weeping over his son's coffin, a teenager staring at her best friend's gravesite.  Barbara talks about earning their trust, sharing their grief, and her thoughts on gang warfare and whether local programs work to stop shootings. 
Barbara Davidson won a 2011 Pulitzer Prize for her work.  She recently received the Frank McCulloch Award for Courage in Journalism from the University of Nevada-Reno’s Reynolds School of Journalism.  Originally aired 4/18/12.
Barbara Davidson, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, LA Times

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THANK YOU for this show. This is INCREDIBLE! I saw a documentary "Crips and Bloods: Made in America" It is my hope one day that everyone see this movie, I want it to be mandatory in high schools and I want much discussion about it. I want people to UNDERSTAND the roots of gangs. I want to thank Barbara Davidson for this story. I believe institutionalized racism plays a key factor in gang violence. This is very much a 'womens' issue due to the violence and killings. We are all linked together and we need to fight this together.
Ligeia WillMay 23, 2012 10:47:47 AM
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