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Teaching Finances to High Schoolers
Teaching Finances to High Schoolers

AIR DATE: May 29, 2012

Hundreds of Clark County high schoolers will soon be getting an extra course added to their curriculum.  They'll be learning about personal finances in a program called "Financial Fitness Pilot."  With millions of Americans lacking personal finance education, we'll talk about what kids need to learn in order to become financially stable. We'll also talk about why this sort of course was never made mandatory.

Kate Marshall, State Treasurer

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I was a special ed. resource room teacher. I would teach math to my 8th graders by giving them a checkbook, a pretend salary, and "bills". They had to make a budget, and we would talk about what a checking and a savings account is. I also took them on a field trip to a bank (by the way the school district didn't pay for this trip, I had to find funds on my own in order to provide this experience for my students). As a student who grew up in Las Vegas I never learned anything about finances in school. The best education I received about finances was working at banks while in college.
SamMay 25, 2012 09:52:47 AM
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