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Latino Anti-Bullying Program
Latino Anti-Bullying Program

AIR DATE: May 31, 2012

More schools are working to become proactive with their anti-bullying programs, speaking to both students and parents.  But how do you reach out to families who don't speak English?  One group tells us about its outreach to Latino parents, the cultural roadblocks, and what advice they give when their kids are being bullied... or are the bully.
Robin Kincaid, information and training services director, Nevada PEP

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My son attends a mostly Hispanic Title 1 school. There was never a problem with bullying until the school changed. When I say change, I mean everything. We got a new principal who believes in disciplining the children the way they do in jail. If 5 children are talking in the lunch room, then the entire 3rd grade class has to 'walk the line' during recess the next day. For their entire 10 minutes of recess they have to walk silently in a single file line while being yelled at by staff. I worked there and I took the photo's of it. Dave Becker had Dwight Jones on his show several months ago and read exactly what I had written, about the children being abused and Mr. Jones said he encouraged communication from parents yet I e-mailed him the photo's and he ignored me and is continuing to ignore me. This school has a serious bullying problem. I have the notices that were sent home calling for special meetings to deal with it. The principal tries to please the Hispanic population by having a Christmas program titled "Santa's going to a Mexican town' In actuality she will not allow them to have a voice. She refuses to allow a PTA and she will not change her disciplinary actions
Ligeia WillMay 29, 2012 22:52:49 PM
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