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Water Fees Hurt Small Businesses and Nonprofits
Water Fees Hurt Small Businesses and Nonprofits

AIR DATE: June 7, 2012

A new water fee doubled - and in some cases, tripled - the bills for small businesses.  The Southern Nevada Water Authority raised fees to pay off about $3.3 billion in bonds.  Are higher fees based on meter size the best approach?  And will small businesses get any relief?  General manager Pat Mulroy and small business owners join us.  What are your thoughts on the water hikes?
Pat Mulroy, Gen Mgr, SNWA
Marlene Richter, Exec Dir, The Shade Tree
Peter Michelin, business owner

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The Water District folks do nothing but waste tons of taxpayer money and engage in cronyism. If the boom-time developers had at the time been charged what it actually cost to connect them to the system, the Water District would have zero debt, and we wouldn't be bailing them out now. Beyond that, any reasonable person with some common sense could easily run their entire operation on half the money they spend. Wastrels supreme, they are! And Pat Mulroy, for overseeing it, is incompetent.
Tim HuntJun 8, 2012 15:26:49 PM
WW own our small business and have been in business for thirty years now . How is it that the water company can find it opportunistic to cause such a hardship on small business by virtually taking needed revenue from the small businesses through force of City Domain . Small Businesses keep the city going and growing . When you tax small businesses to much . Look out for the fall out that going to affect this city. Why don,t you take the half a million dollars you make and pay some of the cost that you take from small businesses . If you and every other city officials would give back some of that money that your position is paid way to much for ! By the way I don,t expect you to answer me back . Have a good day. Respectfully Submitted Ret.Lt. Gary Cooper
Ret.Lt. Gary Cooper US Air Force & US ArmyJun 5, 2012 07:23:29 AM
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