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Danny Tarkanian - Republican Candidate for Congress
Danny Tarkanian - Republican Candidate for Congress

AIR DATE: June 8, 2012

Danny Tarkanian's name will be familiar to Republican voters. He's run a couple of times for state and federal office and is now in the four-way race to be the Republican nominee for Nevada's new 4th Congressional District, and the right to run against State Sen. Steven Horsford who is unchallenged for the Democratic nomination. Tarkanian has long been the favorite until the recent revelation that he faced a multimillion judgement in a lawsuit brought by the FDIC. We talk about that and his platform if he's nominated.
Danny Tarkanian, Republican candidate for Nevada's 4th Congressional District
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    You know, someone needs to impress upon Danny Tarkanian that he is really his own worst enemy. His hostile and belligerent attitude may play well to right wingers, but it's reprehensible to moderates like myself. Maybe he'll win this election if he stops insulting us with tactics that have failed miserably in the past.
    AJ Jun 7, 2012 23:33:38 PM
    We spend less than 2% on foreign aid so his idea of cutting funding to countries that are hostile towards America is pointless. We need to fund democracy in other countries, otherwise those countries will fail and be breeding grounds for 'Taliban' like terrorists. He says that we should not be militarily involved in any other country when speaking of Syria. However, it becomes a problem when innocent civilians are being killed and the whole world looks away. We cannot keep thinking that we are Americans and we only think of ourselves (which is what Danny said). What is American anyway? First and foremost we should think of ourselves as humans and we are very connected globally. We are connected to everyone that is suffering in the world. We are the world's leader, we must bear that responsibility.
    Ligeia WillJun 7, 2012 10:06:56 AM
    Danny is being dishonest when he describes himself as a conservative political outsider. He took money from an Armenian group and then promised them he would increase foreign aid to Armenia. What? That sounds like a political insider to me. He got an "F" rating from the NRA. Sarah Brady endorsed and made phone calls for him. He's a lying SOB and should not be trusted.
    Walter DunnJun 7, 2012 17:20:39 PM
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