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North Las Vegas: How did it get into this mess
North Las Vegas: How did it get into this mess

AIR DATE: June 8, 2012

City Manager Tim Hacker is moving forward on his effort to suspend parts of the union contracts. He says it has to be in order to save the city in this dire budget crisis. The move is highly controversial based on a rarely used law that was intended for emergencies such as riots or war. The unions are fighting back and taking the city to court. What do North Las Vegas residents think of all this?  And what has been lost after years of hundreds of cutbacks?

Richard Cherchio, former city council member
Bob Mersereau, North Las Vegas resident and activist

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This is a cancer caused by many mismanaged city councils. No management experience and contractor loving council. They played to the money and now it has dried up. Mayor Buck hasn't a clue as to how to fix the problems. She and the council need to resign and hope that the State can save what is left. North Las Vegas is a memory of bad leadership and poor management, that goes way back.
I quickJun 24, 2012 14:38:52 PM
The observation that this has been years in the making is right-on. My only concern is what the State will do. They have no mobey, either; raising taxes would be a definite possibility. One positive of the past few years has been the emergence of North Las Vegas in its own right, not just "north town". I am not in favor of State take-over.
Anne ZarateJun 24, 2012 17:57:11 PM
I was a resident of NLV and left, actually I was forced out via illegal foreclosure, along with a large number of my neighbors. It looks like there is a larger systemic issue, how are foreclosures effecting the income of the city. In addition to add injury to insult it felt like law enforcement was ramping up on giving citations, was this a tactic to increase city income?
jennifer florioJun 8, 2012 09:50:31 AM
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