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Student Loans and the Rising Cost of Higher Education
Student Loans and the Rising Cost of Higher Education

AIR DATE: June 11, 2012

The average student loan debt for 2012 college graduates is $25,000. President Barack Obama pays a visit to UNLV this week to discuss student loans as he asks Congress to stop student loan rates from doubling in July. We talk with a financial aid expert about how to choose the right school and major for your pocketbook, and how to deal with all that debt once you receive your degree.  If you found a way to pay your student loans fast or you're struggling to find a job and pay the loans back, share your story with us.

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Tim makes a very good point. The same people who plead poverty on their $25k student loan and expect taxpayers to pay it off for them would think nothing of buying a $25k car and paying that loan off in the 4 or 5 years required by the terms of the loan. They are ridiculous parasites who should pay off any loans that they've chosen take out. Jeesh, if I didn't pay my loans on time and in full, the knock on my door would be a collection agency asking for my money, not the government bringing a bucket of tax money to rescue me.
Rob SchwarzheimerJun 13, 2012 18:58:58 PM
Well, my head just exploded again! How about anyone who chooses to take out a loan just pay it back per contract law, rather than forcing taxpayers to bail them out. Really, $25k is not a big deal; indeed, it's probably about what most people pay for a car, and those loans are typically paid off in 4 or so years. And the idea that government jobs are somehow deserving of a larger bailout than private jobs is a ridiculous joke. Bottom line, if you choose to go to college, pay for it yourself!!!
Tim HuntJun 8, 2012 15:16:43 PM
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