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Long hauling: Are Las Vegas taxi companies ripping people off
Long hauling: Are Las Vegas taxi companies ripping people off

AIR DATE: June 12, 2012

People have argued for years that Las Vegas taxi companies are guilty of long hauling. This is the act of driving people a longer route to their destination in order to make more money. Is the Nevada Taxicab Authority doing anything to review the complaints that come in? And, who is trying to stop this from happening?
Charles Harvey, Admin, Taxicab Authority
Patrick Coolican, columnist, LV Sun

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I always educate visiting friends on the best route to take from the airport to their hotel so they can tell the cabbie which route to take. Why not create a way to educate all visitors of the preferred/shortest routes? Perhaps kiosks at baggage claim.
Bethany SwainJun 11, 2012 10:18:33 AM
New Orleans solved the long haul problem by going to a flat rate system to the French Quarter. Why couldn't Las Vegas go to a flat rate system, one rate for the strip hotels and one rate for the downtown hotels? That way there would be no incentive for long hauling!
Walter DavisJun 11, 2012 10:14:24 AM
I sent a message a few weeks back to the Taxi Authority and the Nevada Governor Sandoval that with a flat rate to the Strip would benefit the drivers and the cab company would still be properly paid. The company would not get that extra monies gained from these long hauling nor would visitors be charged excessively. Drivers are truly hurting themselves long hauling due to it cut their tip, it drives would be cab customers into shuttles. These cab companies do not care because they own a lot of the shuttles so they get paid either way. I proposed a flat rate of $25 to the strip. Why? An average ride to MGM: is $12.50 plus $1.80 airport fare, is $14.30 the company would get the meter as usual, the airport its $1.80, the cabbie would be tipped $10.70. The same scenario to Stratosphere: an average rate of $20.3 plus $1.80 now that leaves the cabbie with only $2.90 tip. There is a $.20 per ride for TA Taxi Authority, the $250 cabbie's book @ 50% commission pays him $125 per day but he still pays out $16 admin fee, $15 for avg. gas, $4 TA fee avg., 4.5 $ Union wkly. fee, you have $125 less 35 equals $85.50 avg. divided by 12 hours of work is $7.16 less than minimum wage.
Eugene GMar 29, 2013 12:30:23 PM
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